Limited-time offer: One spot open in the NOF All-22

We one open spot in the most exclusive group on NOF. A spot hasn’t opened in more than a year. This page and the upgrade option will disappear once it is filled.

We keep the group to a limited number. You’ll have direct access to me and our crew at NewOrleans.Football. You’ll have access to a group text message in which I’ll regularly participate. I’ll share the things that that I’m hearing as I hear them. Some of those things might never go into print and we’ll build a relationship based on trust that what we say stays in the text thread. You want a play broken down just for you? Send it to me. Questions? Ask them.

The rules: If you break the trust, you’re out. That’s it.

We’ll also have a fantasy league, a pick ’em pool and some events with just this crew of people.  Of course, you’ll also have access to all benefits of an NOF Elite membership.

Want to join? You can upgrade your account here.

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