Kris Richard could have a significant impact as Saints defensive backs coach. Here’s what he needs to accomplish in new role

Aaron Glenn was a favorite among players.

The former Saints defensive backs coach was a great communicator who knew how to take complicated information and make it relatable. He knew how to teach in the classroom and on the field. His players said he made them better, which is the sole purpose of a position coach, but a goal that isn't always reached.

Losing Glenn to Detroit, where he will serve as the defensive coordinator, is a hit to the coaching staff. But gaining the man responsible for coaching up and helping form the Seattle Seahawks famed secondary, the Legion of Boom, is a pretty good backup plan.

Kris Richard will become an essential member of this coaching staff, and one of his assignments is going to be among the most critical tasks anyone on the team faces next season.

Here are some initial thoughts on the hiring and the tasks Richard needs to accomplish in his new role.

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