Join the NOF All-22

We had this idea when we launched the site of building a circle of trust with the people who wanted to support NewOrleans.Football at the highest level.

Unfortunately, the pandemic struck and everything went virtual and this idea, which is inspired by something similar to what Paul Kuharsky does on his site in Tennessee, got put on pause. Now that things are getting a little more normal and the Saints are about to enter one of the more fascinating offseasons in recent memory, it feels like a time to give this idea a shot and see how it comes together.

So, here’s how this plan is going to work. We’re going to limit the total number of members to 11 at first and then potentially expand to 22. When joining this tier, you’ll get special and direct access to me and our crew at NewOrleans.Football. You’ll have my phone number and access to a group text message in which I’ll regularly participate. I’ll share the things that I’m hearing that don’t go into print and we’ll build a relationship based on trust that what we say stays in the text thread. You want a play broken down just for you? Send it to me. The rules: If you break the trust, you’re out.

We’ll also have a fantasy league, a pick ’em pool and some events with just this crew of people.  Of course, you’ll also have access to all benefits of an NOF Elite membership.

We are sold out on this. Email me if you want to join the waitlist. 

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