It looks like Michael Thomas has gotten stronger. How will that impact his game?

Michael Thomas didn't want to tell.

He never does.

He likes to keep the details to himself, whether it's the benefits of doing hand yoga or what his offseason program entails. Someone might be listening – no, someone is listening – and he doesn't want to give anyone his blueprint.

So, last month, when asked about his offseason program and if it had changed due to the global pandemic, Thomas predictably didn't have much to say.

"You'll be able to tell," Thomas said. "Everybody will be able to tell."

On Monday, the Saints wide receiver posted two photographs of himself on Instagram. He looks to have added a significant amount of muscle to his frame, which, if the optics are correct, would mean that one of the league's more physical wide receivers got stronger.

After realizing that Thomas could be more physical next season, the next question was how will that help a guy who just shattered all the single-season receiving records?

While only small areas remain for growth since Thomas is already as good as it gets at his brand of football, he might be looking at some specific areas to max out or further the distance between himself and the rest of the pack.

Here's a look at where some of those areas might exist.

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