It’s possible for the Saints to improve on offense next season. Here’s how

Drew Brees didn’t need to say it.

Anyone who watched the Saints last season could tell that things were different. Brees never looked right. Long before he let it be known that he only felt healthy in one game, the way he constantly tugged at his shoulder between throws or the flak jacket that popped out from underneath his jersey said it for him.

So did his game.

Yes, the offense averaged 30 points and 376 yards per game, but how everything came together was different. The 2020 season felt like a forced follow-up to a blockbuster movie. The cast and characters were the same, and box office numbers made it appear successful, but everyone who watched it could tell things were different, the chemistry forced.

With the team in a transition period, how good does the team have to be to maintain success? How hard would it be to improve in some aspects? The answers will define the 2021 season.

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