Is Adam Trautman ready to lead at tight end?

The Saints have their tight end of the future in the building. 

Or should.

Adam Trautman has all the traits. He's the right size, has the right athleticism to make plays and a willingness to block. He was drafted last year as a raw projection out of Dayton with the understanding that it was going to take some time for him to develop.

Trautman showed glimmers all last season. The most surprising thing is that his blocking was ahead of his pass-catching ability. Trautman's willingness to block made him a quick study, and he quickly started paving the way in the running game. He should continue to improve in this regard and, if the rest of his game catches up, has a real chance to be one of the rare tight ends who excels in all facets of the game.

Now he's going to have to show that his receiving is at the same level. The Saints put him at the top of the chart on Wednesday by terminating Josh Hill and Jared Cook's contracts, which leaves Trautman as the most talented option on the roster. 

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