How the Saints used motion and shifts to get Alvin Kamara on his way to a record day

The Saints running back continues to prove he’s the best non-quarterback offensive player in the NFL.

The conventional wisdom says running backs aren’t worth paying or signing to longer deals.

They break down. Don’t last very long. Those big extensions and free agency deals at the position usually end in regret and disappointment. But what about Alvin Kamara? Is he different? He moves differently, plays differently. You can try to make comparisons for him around the league, but they don’t exist, not all in one package. Not like this.

Kamara showed on Friday why he’s the best offensive weapon in the NFL by scoring six rushing touchdowns during a 52-33 win over the Minnesota Vikings. That feat hasn’t been accomplished since 1929, back when some guy Ernie Nevers pulled on a leather helmet and scored six times for the Chicago Cardinals.

You can say that running backs aren’t worth paying, and maybe Kamara isn’t an alien and ends up like all the rest in a few years. But until something happens to change the narrative, Mickey Loomis getting Kamara on a deal that is essentially worth $12.5 million per season was one of the smartest moves he’s ever made for the Saints. Could you imagine what Kamara would be worth on the open market this season?

Could you imagine what he would be worth after leading the Saints to the NFC title game? The Super Bowl?

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