How the Saints could handle Marshon Lattimore’s future, contract situation this offseason

The decisions the Saints have to make on Marshon Lattimore are among the most fascinating of the offseason.

There are many directions New Orleans could take this decision, but how the team moves forward largely depends on if Lattimore is in the team's future plans. If he is, then the Saints can sign him to an extension, which would create the opportunity to lower his $10 million salary cap charge due to hit the books next season.

That can all be easily done if there is a common understanding on value.

But what if, for some reason, he isn't in those plans – which would be a surprise – or Lattimore and the team can't agree on value? The one thing that is almost guaranteed is that Lattimore can't remain on the books at his current rate. Something has to happen for that number to get lowered.

The second scenario is where things start to get interesting. So, what is going to happen?

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