How the Saints can get under the cap by cutting only two more players, and why the 2022 cap could be the real one to fear

The Saints have been diligently working on getting their accounting in order the last few weeks, and most of the heavy lifting is already done. 

There is still a lot of work to do, no doubt, but the path to cap compliance is now fairly clear. New Orleans remains about $46 million over the cap when accounting for the team’s known moves, and, depending on the chosen path, the Saints can get in a position to clear the rest of the burden by only cutting two more players and reworking some contracts. Not saying that is exactly how it will play out, but that's how close they are to the goal.

Here is an exploration of how that can happen, the impact on the future, and a breakdown of why people should have been more worried about 2022 than 2021 all along.  

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