How the Saints can get the money to sign their rookie class and add a free agent (or two)

Mickey Loomis smiled at the question.

How else can the general manager of a football team with $499,831 in salary cap space react when asked about his cap situation? He knows the situation. He knows you know the situation. At this point, their cap situation is an internet meme that is overblown but exists for a reason.

“Yes, it’s tight,” Loomis said.

Tight is one way to put it. The Saints extended and manipulated the cap in every manner possible to get compliant earlier this offseason. All the easily accessible avenues for opening up cap space to sign the rookie class or some free agents have gotten exhausted, but that doesn’t mean the team is done working.

There are still areas the team would like to address this offseason, and despite having limited resources, Loomis admitted that he’s still exploring his options.

“Listen, I think it’s like every year,” Loomis said. “If we find someone or something that can help us, then we have to go look at it. I wouldn’t be surprised.”

Accomplishing this goal will require some creativity and patented aggressiveness when managing the books. The options are limited, but there are ways to get the job done.

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