How Taysom Hill’s growth as a route runner could make him an even bigger weapon

Imagine a world where one player can do everything and never leave the field.

Quarterback one snap.

Tight end the next.

Running back.

Wide receiver.

OK, so, maybe this isn't the best exercise. The mind doesn't have to stretch that far since everyone is already more than familiar with Taysom Hill. The football player has been doing a little everything for the better part of two seasons. So, let's try this again.

Imagine a world where he's doing a little of everything a whole lot more.

Imagine a world where he's playing 70 or 80 percent of the offensive snaps.

Imagine how defenses would counter his presence.

No images for the last one? Going blank? That's the point.

This is a fun thought. But if Hill sticks with the Saints next season (he's a restricted free agent), the only way this is possible is if Hill continues to develop his route-running ability.

He was a creative change of pace in 2018, a player who could gut a team on a read-option and catch them slipping with a deep pass. Last year, Hill began flashing the ability to run routes and catch passes. The process was slow-building, perhaps in part to having his role limited while Drew Brees was out with a thumb injury, but he's on the right path, which opens up tons of possibilities for 2020.

To get a better idea of where this is heading (or further fuel this fever dream), I went through every play of the 2019 season to locate the 97 plays during which Hill ran a route. Evaluating these plays painted the picture of a player who can continue to get better and become a better offensive weapon, even if Hill has to put his desire to be a starting quarterback on hold for another year.

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