How Sean Payton overcame an ocean, a broken down Chevy Cavalier and a blocked job path to break into coaching

Steve Devine's phone started ringing again.

He liked the kid and appreciated that he wouldn't take no for an answer, but just like the day before, nothing had changed. Devine could tell right away that the kid was smart and eager, and he liked that, but San Diego State had already filled the job he was after. So, Devine again told him there was nothing he could do and thanked him for his interest.

Next day, the phone rings. It's the kid again, calling from somewhere in England. Devine is convinced this kid is a little bit nuts, but in a good way. What was he even doing, anyway? Playing quarterback in some unknown league for a team in Leicester? One of Devine's responsibilities as the offensive line coach was to find these graduate assistants. Even if he wanted to hire this kid, how could he sell this guy to the rest of the staff?

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