How Saints’ fast-rising secondary spoiled Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay debut

Janoris Jenkins was waiting on the concept.

He saw the play repeatedly while studying Tampa Bay's offense. There it was last season Week 1 against San Francisco. There it was again against the Rams, the Saints, the Steelers, the Seahawks, the Cardinals, the Lions, and on and on it goes. It only takes a couple of games to realize "double outs," a play where two players quickly break to the outside on out routes, is a core concept in Bruce Arians' offense.

When Jenkins saw Chris Godwin motion inside of wide receiver Justin Watson early in the third quarter of the Saints' 34-23 win over the Bucs, he knew it was coming. The Bucs were in a 2x1 formation, but the telltale signs were there. As Tom Brady dropped back, Jenkins sat in a zone and waited for Watson to break outside. Once Brady let go of the ball, Jenkins jumped the route, intercepted the pass, and ran it back for a touchdown.

"Something Tampa ran a lot last year, speed outs," Jenkins said. "We just knew that they were going (to) add (that) in the second half. And that's what they did coming out on the first drive."

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