How Marcus Davenport can take the next steps in his development and become even better

Marcus Davenport has a chance to become a dominant player.

You don't have to look too hard. The moments are there. Nothing has changed. The Saints pass rusher possesses the same potential he always has.

His breathtaking athleticism pops off the screen, allowing him to make plays no one else in New Orleans makes. And then there are the moments he disappears – both literally and figuratively.

As Davenport prepares to enter his third season with the Saints, the pass rusher has reached a bit of a crossroads. While he has pieced together several good moments, the time has come for him to tap into more of his raw potential and take the next step in his development.

And it looks like he could be ready to do just that. After reviewing every snap Davenport played the last two seasons, the only takeaway is that he is on the right path (as long as he gets healthy).

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