How Jameis Winston has responded to mistakes throughout career could help his growth in New Orleans

Jameis Winston is going to make mistakes.

Everyone does.

But the key to the Saints' season isn't just avoiding those mistakes. It is also about how Winston responds to them.

One of the more encouraging things about Winston is that he doesn't let mishaps throw him off his game. He bounces back quickly and often plays better after throwing an interception. This mentality should give New Orleans confidence in its quarterback's ability to handle adversity despite the difficult circumstances leading to this opportunity with the Saints.

Almost every conversation surrounding Winston's 2019 season centers on the 30 interceptions he threw. That number would never happen in New Orleans because Sean Payton would make a change before his quarterback could ever get on pace for such a large figure. The design of the Saints' offense also would make it nearly impossible for someone to end up with that many interceptions.

With those thoughts in mind, I wanted to know what Winston did directly after throwing an interception. Specifically, I wanted to know if the Saints keep Winston out of bad situations, if had a history of unraveling after interceptions that would need to get fixed.

To get a gauge on this, I looked at what Winston did during the series following an interception during his last three years in Tampa Bay. I did not record any data for the next series when Winston threw an interception to close the second quarter or before overtime since there is more of a cooling-off period and time to recalibrate before going back on the field.

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