How hard should Saints look at draft for QB?

The Saints have to figure out what to do at quarterback.

Even if the team lands Derek Carr, should New Orleans be in the market for rookie QB? How hard should they go after him?



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  1. There’s a lot to like with Hooker. I tend to think the knock on him for Huepel’s offense is overblown, is it really disqualifying that for 2 years he was trained on making snap reads and throwing to the open guy?

    Especially considering that the throws were often quite difficult, and the fact that he was doing it in the SEC.

    The injury thing is more a concern for me with Hooker if we’re talking year 1.

    Alongside Hooker in terms of QB options in this draft class outside of the supposed top 4, Jake Haener looks like a potential “steal of the draft” candidate in the mid-rounds.

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