Getting by without Michael Thomas won’t be easy, but Saints can do it by raising level of play, getting creative

After Drew Brees went down with a thumb injury last season, coming up with a new plan was simple.

The new plan was to stick with the old plan: Throw the ball to Michael Thomas as frequently as possible. Which, really, is the same as saying play it safe and don't take risks. The wide receiver is the ultimate cheat code. Doesn’t matter what kind of quarterback you have. He’s going to get open in a second, maybe two, and catch every single pass in his vicinity.

But now, maybe, he won’t. According to a source, Thomas suffered an ankle injury during Sunday’s win over Tampa Bay, and is expected to miss some time. However, the NFL Network provided a grim outlook, saying the star receiver will miss several weeks after getting his leg trapped under another player following a running play late in the game.

Losing Thomas will be a challenge. One could argue that he is the most important and irreplaceable player on the team. Replacing Thomas with a single player is impossible, and getting by without him will be difficult, but New Orleans can find a way -- it just needs to be a new way. 

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