Gauging how much influence the Saints had on LSU’s offense last season

The Saints produced what might have been the most impactful offense in football last season.

Sean Payton's playbook kept New Orleans among the top-three scoring offenses in the NFL despite being without Drew Brees for multiple games, and many of his passing concepts helped carry LSU to a National Title.

All credit is due to Joe Brady, the former LSU passing coordinator, who put his twist on things and taught the offense to a bunch of college players. But there is no denying that his time as an offensive assistant influenced his playbook. Now, it will head to Carolina, where Brady will take over as the offensive coordinator of the Panthers with former Saints quarterback Teddy Bridgewater under center.

To get a better understanding of how much influence the Saints had on Brady, we looked at every play the Tigers ran last season and compared them to what New Orleans ran last year.

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