Football is (almost) back

The NFL and its players are nearing an agreement that would pave the way for things to get underway next week.

So, with training camps nearing, we talk about the reopening of league, the cap implications and what it will take to trim the roster down to 80 players.

We also get into a little bit of a debate about when it would be wise for Alvin Kamara to accept a contract extension.

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1 Comment

  1. Great pod fellas. I’d have to agree with Kevin that the risk doesn’t outweigh the reward for Alvin to gamble on himself this season. If his ceiling is 16m and he’s being offered 14m then why gamble for just 2m more a year when he could potentially lose 5-7m a year if he gets seriously injured. That wouldn’t be smart for a running back even at his age. And the potential for him to put up CMC numbers are slim because he just doesn’t get that amount of volume

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