Film study: Measuring Taysom Hill’s growth at QB from college to now

This isn't the same quarterback.

Can't be.

The video is a few years old, and the guy playing quarterback for BYU has some electricity to him. He can run and isn't afraid to drop his shoulder and blow people up. He forever looks one snap away from breaking the defense, making a big play. But it isn't all good. His passing can be erratic, and sometimes he looks uncomfortable in the pocket.

This guy is too raw to be Taysom Hill.

Now a member of the Saints, Hill has appeared in other capacities and moonlighted at quarterback for a spare snap here or there over the last few years, but he mostly exists in imaginations. Some believe he's developed enough to take over as New Orleans' starting quarterback in a year or two. Others think that he'll forever be a gadget player.

We're at least a year away from finding out the answer. But look at the current version of Hill and compare it to the one on the screen. Take his rate of development, and consider he has at least another year of self-improvement before he has to take over, and the equation changes. Maybe, just maybe, he can succeed as a quarterback.

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