Film review: Evaluating Zack Baun’s plays in space to gauge his learning curve

Zack Baun is going to have to see the game differently.

He has gotten glimpses, playing a handful of snaps in space while a member of the Wisconsin Badgers, but most of the time, he took his usual position at the end of the defensive line. The Saints will likely find ways to use the third-round pick as part of the pass rush, but they're hoping the flashes Baun provided in space will become his primary role.

A potential move to linebacker means he will need to learn how to see the game through different angles instead of the flattened view he often had looking down the line. The transition is doable, and New Orleans is confident in Baun's ability to make it, but there is no doubt the process has been made harder due to losing practice time this summer.

So, just how steep is Baun's learning curve? To get a better feel for what he is up against entering training camp, NewOrleans.Football reviewed his college games from last season and evaluated his ability in coverage.

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