Explaining Andrus Peat’s value to the Saints and how he can maximize his talent

One of the first things the Saints do when evaluating a player or prospect is look at his big moments.

If they're considering a wide receiver, they'll pull up all of his plays over 20 yards and go through those to establish a ceiling. This process allows them to project a best-case scenario for what is possible under perfect conditions and good coaching.

Sometimes when the team makes an unexpected decision, you quite often can trace it back to one of those highlight reels. Andrus Peat, for better and worse, has countless standout plays. When things are going well, he does things other players his size cannot accomplish. Other times, it gets ugly.

So, it's no surprise that the left guard is one of the more polarizing players in the NFL. Some swear by his ability and potential, while some fans would just as soon run him out of town. But if you start with the big moments and work backward, Peat's value to the Saints starts to make more sense even if the source of highs also creates many of his lows.

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