Drew Brees made some discoveries that helped him throw deeper passes this offseason

Drew Brees wanted to throw a pass 60 yards.

He opened the offseason with that goal and began working on it in March. The atypical offseason and lack of access to workout equipment led him to unique training methods, such as playing lacrosse, but he got where he needed to be and eventually started ripping passes deep down the field.

Anyone who has been keeping tabs on Brees this offseason has seen the posts on social media. There he is throwing a 40-yard post route to Emmanuel Sanders on a field in Denver. There he is again, on another field, throwing with velocity deep down the sideline. These are just video clips on an empty field, but the 41-year-old quarterback might throw the ball down the field more than he did the last time he showed up on game film.

"We've applied a lot of different techniques and a lot of different training methods," Brees said. "There have been some moments of discovery with us this offseason. COVID presented a great challenge, obviously, because we couldn't go to our normal places and do our normal things, and so we had to adapt with what we were doing from a training perspective."

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