Draft takeaways: Should the Saints consider signing Jameis Winston as backup quarterback?

The Saints might still need another quarterback.

That is, of course, if the goal is to continue to use Taysom Hill in a multi-faceted role, which we assume it is. So, that means New Orleans needs another backup active on game days. The Saints added Mississippi State quarterback Tommy Stevens in the seventh round, and maybe he's the guy to handle the job, but Sean Payton made it sound like they might need more of a sure thing to protect against a potential Drew Brees injury.

"Sean's been really clear, and I think we've all been really clear that we love the prospect of Taysom Hill and what he might be able to do for us in the future," general manager Mickey Loomis said. "Obviously, Drew is back, so it's a strong room again for us."

The list of veteran players still on the market contains some familiar names, such as Joe Flacco, Cam Newton, Drew Stanton, Josh McCown, Mike Glennon and Trevor Siemian, among others. But Jameis Winston is the player who pops out the most and could be the best option if another layer of protection is needed. 

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