Draft simulation: How the Saints can play the board and optimize picks

Draft season is here.

New Orleans is entering a fascinating offseason, one in which there are plenty of areas to tweak or improve, but not a lengthy list of musts. The right tweaks could put this team in the Super Bowl, but it also needs to have an eye on the future and set up for a post-Drew Brees world.

With the combine just starting and free agency yet to hit, I conducted a draft simulation to set some early expectations and frame the conversation moving forward.

This exercise shouldn't be considered a prediction. It is more of a thought experiment, a reaction to the variables that unfold during a real draft. Fanspeak.com handles the other picks. I took control of the Saints.

We're only going four rounds because I don't know enough of the players in the later rounds to speak on them. We'll get there over the next month.

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