Draft simulation: How the Saints can address their needs in the draft

The draft is for the future.

Free agency is for now.

At least those are the ideals that exist in a perfect world. But given the Saints’ cap situation, there is a very real possibility the team could enter the draft needing to find some immediate contributors to bolster what is already a strong core.

Now, there will be moves made over the next few weeks as the market softens for veteran players, which will change the level of need at a handful of spots. But you could make an argument that cornerback, linebacker, pass rusher, tight end, wide receiver, quarterback and offensive line are all needs right now.

Some of those are just for depth. Others are for potential starters, like cornerback and possibly linebacker.

With this in mind, I ran a draft simulation where I controlled the Saints and let the computer pick for all other teams. I did not allow trades in this one. If I had, there is a good chance I might have moved up in a couple of spots due to the level of panic on missing out at spots I considered musts.

Here’s what happened.

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