David Onyemata could be on his way to establishing himself as one of the NFL’s premier interior defensive linemen

One of the best players on the Saints defense barely gets mentioned outside of the Gulf Coast. 

Everyone outside of New Orleans can probably name a couple defensive linemen, some guys in the secondary, and at least Demario Davis at linebacker. But hardly, if ever, do you hear anyone mention David Onyemata. 

At some point, that will change -- soon, even, if he keeps playing at his current level. You can’t keep one of the NFL’s 10 best interior defensive players a secret for too long.

Yes, that’s how good Onyemata was last season.

No, that isn’t hyperbole. Onyemata was that good, and there is reason to believe that he can keep it up and even continue to improve. Out of all the projects this team has drafted over the last few seasons, Onyemata looks like the one who is going to cash in.

The reasons to believe aren’t hard to find. 

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