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Members Only: Breaking down the loss to the Cowboys

The Saints lost a winnable game. The defense once again proved what it can do, but the offense wasn’t up to the task. In some ways, it might have even been the worst offensive performance of the season. What does it all mean? We try to put all the action in context. Here’s how to […]

Members Only: Trying to make sense of what happened during loss to Bills

That wasn’t good. The Saints have now lost four games in a row. What once looked like a season destined for the playoffs is suddenly on the brink. Can the team right ship? How? We discuss this and more. NOF Premium: (Protected Content)

Members Only: Should the Saints consider shaking some things up after loss to Eagles?

The Saints have now lost three games in a row and have many questions to answer.

Everything should be on the table, and it is time to start asking hard questions about how jobs are getting done and who is doing them.

We discuss what could happen next after Sunday’s loss to the Eagles.

Members Only: How will Saints manage injuries against the Eagles?

The Saints have a major task this week against the Eagles with several key members out due to injury.

How will they get by? 

Members Only: What went wrong against the Titans?

The Saints found a way to lose this game. You can start with the officiating, but it was a whole lot more than that. Here are some initial impressions from Sunday’s loss. (Apologies for the sound quality) Here’s how to add the premium podcast to various podcast players. (Note: You can’t currently manually add a […]

Members Only: How will the Saints get by this week against the Titans?

The Saints have overcome a lot the last few seasons. Nothing every seems to be too much. There is no problem this coaching staff can’t solve. But this week, the team is going to be put to its biggest test. Alvin Kamara, Terron Armstead and C.J. Gardner-Johnson will not play, joining a list of several […]

Members Only: Making sense of Saints’ loss to Falcons

The Saints had this one in their hands. Until they didn’t. A lot went wrong during Sunday’s loss to Atlanta, but how much of it matters? Are there things to worry about? What needs to get better for this team to compete into January? We break all of that down and more on this episode […]

Members Only: Discussing Odell, Siemian, previewing Falcons, more

The Saints are preparing to enter this week’s game against the Falcons with Trevor Siemian at quarterback. Siemian proved last week he can win a game and protect the ball (with some help from the officials). But can he do it again, and how will Taysom Hill fit into the mix? The team also has […]

Members Only: Breaking down Saints’ huge win over the Bucs

Someone saying the Saints beat the Bucs with their third-string quarterback playing most of the game would be unbelievable if it didn’t just happen on Sunday. New Orleans has found a way to do this every year, and it still doesn’t make it any less impressive. The Saints keep proving they know how to handle […]

Members Only: Saints have big opportunity against Bucs this week

New Orleans can prove this week exactly where it stands in the NFC.

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