Gauging how much influence the Saints had on LSU’s offense last season

The Saints produced what might have been the most impactful offense in football last season. Sean Payton’s playbook kept New Orleans among the top-three scoring offenses in the NFL despite being without Drew Brees for multiple games, and many of his passing concepts helped carry LSU to a National Title. All credit is due to […]

Film study: Comparing Erik McCoy and Cesar Ruiz’s final college seasons

The Saints drafted two of the best center prospects to enter the NFL over the last two seasons. When everything settles as it should, Cesar Ruiz will likely end up playing center, with Erik McCoy moving to right guard. Both men’s talents are best suited at these positions, especially McCoy, who can use his athleticism […]

What happens to Michael Thomas’ stats if you remove his top two routes? What about other top receivers?

Some football fans would have you believe that Michael Thomas only runs slant routes and nothing else. They’ve convinced themselves that this is true. These people have even created memes to spread the word across social media platforms like an army of truthers with an undying need to educate the world. This narrative isn’t real, […]

Explaining Andrus Peat’s value to the Saints and how he can maximize his talent

One of the first things the Saints do when evaluating a player or prospect is look at his big moments. If they’re considering a wide receiver, they’ll pull up all of his plays over 20 yards and go through those to establish a ceiling. This process allows them to project a best-case scenario for what […]

The Saints have built the second-fastest starting offensive line in the NFL. Here’s what it will mean on the field

The Saints want players who can move. Not just at the skill positions, but also on the offensive line. Blocking and being assignment sound are still the chief responsibilities for Drew Brees’ group of protectors. That will never change, but New Orleans now appears to be placing a premium on linemen with athletic ability and […]

Evaluating every play since 2016 to learn about one of Sean Payton’s favorite passing concepts

Sean Payton opened the curtain and showed us a few pages of his playbook. The Saints coach, who has been quarantined inside his home after catching the coronavirus, got active on Twitter Sunday night, jumping into a thread that asked coaches to share their favorite passing concepts from empty backfield looks. In reply, Payton posted […]

Film study: How Malcolm Jenkins will make an already dangerous secondary even better

You can see it right away. Malcolm Jenkins is a different type of player. He isn’t just someone who plays in the box or covers the slot or drops deep. He does a little bit of everything and does it all well. The veteran safety is just as comfortable sitting in a zone, reading a […]

Film study: Emmanuel Sanders gives Saints everything they didn’t have

The one route that stood out the most might have been the easiest to overlook. The play came during Week 1 against the Raiders and only gained four yards. Any study of any other player joining any other team and you might scroll right by it, looking for something spicier to present as an example […]

Moving on to Malcolm Jenkins was about cost analysis, a theme of free agency for Saints

Sean Payton carries with him two regrets. The first was letting Rob Ninkovich go. Watching the pass rusher flourish in New England pained the Saints coach, and he could never hide his disappointment with himself whenever New Orleans was preparing to play the Patriots. The other was letting Malcolm Jenkins walk to Philadelphia. Losing Jenkins […]

How a team like the Saints might have spent the last five months preparing for free agency

When the Saints spring into action next week, it will be the payoff for five months of monotonous work and meticulous planning. So much attention gets paid to the draft process, but scouting free agents and figuring out who might or might not hit the market is just as involved. New Orleans will have scouted, […]

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