Podcast: How do Saints shake back from three losses?

Can the Saints figure things out this week against Seattle? They say they know what the issues are and how to fix it. Now, they need to do it.

How do the Saints get back on track coming out of mini-bye?

The Saints have now lost five in a row. The season is on the brink. How do they right the ship? We discuss this and more.  

Members Only: Breaking down what went wrong during loss to Panthers

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The land of opportunity: Which NFL teams have kept the most UDFAs on their Week 1 rosters the last five years?

The Saints have gained a reputation for giving UDFAs one of the best shots for making a team. Is that reputation earned?

How the Saints can get under the cap, refill the roster, and reload at quarterback if they choose that path

The last time an offseason was this critical, this important, Sean Payton and Drew Brees got lost driving around New Orleans. The two didn’t know the city then and were trying to find their way, as coach and quarterback, as leaders of an organization, and quite literally, through a new town. They figured it out […]

What did NFL scouting reports say about Taysom Hill in 2017? Here’s an inside look at what teams said about the QB

NewOrleans.Football acquired scouting reports on Hill from August 2017 via two league sources, which show what teams were thinking about the quarterback at the time.

How Michael Thomas’ absence impacted Drew Brees’ first reads, the separation on targets and how the Saints operated

Rank Michael Thomas wherever you want.   There is probably a proper place to slot him, but some people think catching one of every five passes for 35 yards is better than catching seven of every eight for 8 yards at a time. Doesn’t matter. We all agree that he sits somewhere in the single […]

Why don’t the Saints use their 2-minute offense in other situations? There are many reasons why

The Saints almost always find a way to get where they need to go, but faster isn’t always better.

How Drew Brees has become one of the NFL’s best ever in 2-minute situations

Drew Brees reminded everyone last week why he is one of the best ever in two-minute situations. The pressure isn’t pressure for Brees. He’s too cool, too calm, even when it comes down to attempting a pass with five seconds left. See, that isn’t easy. The key is making sure that one tick remains on […]

The Rundown: Inside Deonte Harris’ offseason process to improve his route running

PJ Quarrie thought Deonte Harris was bluffing. When the Saints wide receiver told Quarrie he wanted to start working on his game after the Super Bowl, the trainer thought he had maybe two or three weeks before Harris showed up. Tuesday morning, Harris was there, ready to get to work. There was no time to […]

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