Podcast: Who is going to play QB for the Saints in 2021?

Who is going to play QB for the Saints in 2021? Is it going to be Jameis Winston? Taysom Hill? Should the team go after Matthew Stafford? We compare and contrast all of those players on this week’s episode of Saints Talk. If you like the podcast, subscribe to NewOrleans.Football¬† for more exclusive analysis. Subscribe […]

Podcast: What’s next for the Saints?

The quarterback is gone. The cap is tight. How can the Saints rebuilt their roster next season? We explore this, discuss how much the team should trade for Deshaun Watson if he were to become available, and much more. Like the podcast? Subscribe to NewOrleans.Football for more exclusive analysis.   Subscribe to the podcast Subscribe […]

Podcast: Can the Saints peak at the right time?

We get you ready with everything you need to know for this weekend’s game against the Bucs. How is playing well, how the offense looked and why the defense should be taken seriously — we cover it all. If you enjoy the podcast, please consider subscribing to NewOrleans.Football.¬†   Subscribe to the podcast Subscribe on […]

Playoffs are here: Previewing Saints vs. Bears

The rematch. The Saints and Bears will face each other again after New Orleans beat Chicago earlier this season. But this game should be a lot different. The Bears will have a different player at quarterback and a new identity, while the Saints should be nearing full health. Time for the playoffs. Who wins? We […]

What the Saints need to do to be ready for the playoffs

New Orleans has one more game before for the playoffs, and there are still some things to accomplish to be ready.

Are Saints’ Super Bowl hopes still alive after loss to Chiefs?

Where do things stand for the Saints? How did Drew Brees perform? Reasons for optimism? Pessimism? All this and more on this week’s episode of “Saints Talk”

Are there lessons to be learned from the Saints’ loss to the Eagles?

The Saints played a bad game. No questions there. But what does it mean? Was there anything to learn from that loss? Should it be dissected and picked apart for clues and the existence of fatal flaws? Or did New Orleans just play a bad game? We go through what went wrong, what went right, […]

The Saints should now be considered Super Bowl favorites

It’s time. The Saints have proven they’re the best team in the NFC, and probably should be considered the favorites overall. We also break down Taysom Hill’s third start, the pass rush and why the Saints should get even better. If you like the podcast, please consider subscribing to NewOrleans.Football Subscribe to the podcast Subscribe […]

Reviewing Taysom Hill’s second start

Is Taysom Hill the future? We don’t know, just like we didn’t know after the first game. The data on him is still limited, but all we can do is evaluate what we see. Along with the Hill discussion, we also talk about how well the defense is playing, what Kwon Alexander has brought to […]

Taking stock of Taysom Hill’s first start and where he can go from here

Taysom Hill put together a solid debut performance. What happens now that teams have tape on him? Will that change things? We explore in this week’s podcast.

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