Drew Brees made some discoveries that helped him throw deeper passes this offseason

Drew Brees wanted to throw a pass 60 yards. He opened the offseason with that goal and began working on it in March. The atypical offseason and lack of access to workout equipment led him to unique training methods, such as playing lacrosse, but he got where he needed to be and eventually started ripping […]

The rundown: What Cesar Ruiz needs to do to beat the clock and start at center

Max Unger still remembers the first time he heard Drew Brees call a play in a live huddle. He had gone through the installs and practices. But when the first call came in, it was hard. There was a lot to process, and, well, it took some time to get comfortable with it all. “When […]

Sean Payton used his opening news conference to set a clear tone for the 2020 season

Sean Payton didn’t get on the phone to chitchat. He dialed in to set a tone. This NFL season is going to be difficult and challenging and distracting in ways no one has ever experienced before. Talent matters because it always matters, and the Saints have more of it than perhaps any other team, but […]

The biggest stories for each position group heading into camp

The Saints have reported. Now, it’s time to finally start talking about real football. In this week’s episode, we go through each position group and discuss the biggest stories of camp, make predictions and get in some debates about value. If you enjoy the podcast, please consider supporting NewOrleans.Football. This week on NewOrleans.Football Here are […]

Takeaways from Mickey Loomis’ meeting with media on salary cap, interest in free agents, coronavirus, more

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Film review: Evaluating Zack Baun’s plays in space to gauge his learning curve

Zack Baun is going to have to see the game differently. He has gotten glimpses, playing a handful of snaps in space while a member of the Wisconsin Badgers, but most of the time, he took his usual position at the end of the defensive line. The Saints will likely find ways to use the […]

Which Saints player has had the most ‘sack assists’ the last two seasons?

How sacks come together is as important as how they end. Quite often, the end would not occur without the beginning. Yet, we often overlook how the play started, which is a significant mistake and causes us to underrate everything that goes into creating a sack. That shouldn’t happen. Following this path helps make more […]

Here are 53 things to watch for when the Saints start training camp

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Football is (almost) back

The NFL and its players are nearing an agreement that would pave the way for things to get underway next week. So, with training camps nearing, we talk about the reopening of league, the cap implications and what it will take to trim the roster down to 80 players. We also get into a little […]

How no preseason will impact Jameis Winston’s value in 2021, and cutting the roster to 80

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