What we learned during the second day of the tampering period

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Here’s everything we learned during the first day of the tampering period

The Saints wanted Jamie Collins on their football team. New Orleans made an offer to the linebacker on Monday, according to a source, but it wasn’t quite rich enough to get Collins to bite. Instead, Collins accepted a three-year, $30 million deal with the Lions that will reunite him with coach Matt Patricia, who previously […]

The rundown: An inside look at how teams scout character

The Saints have worked hard to get the right players in their locker room. They’ve eaten massive amounts of dead money and suffered through some lean years to get back on track and in a position to compete for the Super Bowl each year. But what does it mean to have the right guys? How […]

Draft simulation: How the Saints could land a wide receiver and acquire more picks

Back to the war room. With the combine in the books, there is now a more substantial consensus on this year’s draft prospects. The verification process is well underway, and from here, it is all about cross-checking and figuring out which red flags matter and which ones do not. So, with free agency a week […]

Podcast: Exploring free agents who could fit with the Saints

Free agency is here. Almost. With the market set to open in less than a week, we discuss some of the guys who could be fits for the Saints and where it would make the most sense to spend money. And since we seem to be obligated to include him in every podcast, we also […]

How a team like the Saints might have spent the last five months preparing for free agency

When the Saints spring into action next week, it will be the payoff for five months of monotonous work and meticulous planning. So much attention gets paid to the draft process, but scouting free agents and figuring out who might or might not hit the market is just as involved. New Orleans will have scouted, […]

Navigating Jamie Collins’ highs and lows to determine possible fit with Saints

There was a point last season when someone could have credibly argued that Jamie Collins was among the best defensive players in the NFL. The linebacker dominated games for the New England Patriots during the first half of the season. After years of squandered potential and false starts, it looked like the guy with the […]

Saints expected to use first-round tender on Taysom Hill

Sean Payton announced a couple weeks ago that the Saints intend to place a first-round tender on restricted free agent Taysom Hill if he remains unsigned by the start of free agency.   If further confirmation is needed, ESPN reported the same news on Friday evening. A source told NewOrleans.Football that the tender should be […]

The rundown: Talking Jimmy Graham, Deonte Harris’ development and best coaches

The question I received more than any other this week centered on Jimmy Graham. The tight end will reportedly be available this offseason, which has led some to wonder if a reunion is possible. Should the Saints bring Graham home? Log in or purchase a subscription.

Breaking down Alvin Kamara’s last three seasons by run type to project the future

New Orleans watched the birth of a generational talent a couple of years ago. Alvin Kamara routinely had moments that were better than anyone else’s moments. He ran through people. He ran around people. He’d get hit one, two, three times on the same run and not fall. It seemed certain that in time, with […]

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