How do the Saints get back on track coming out of mini-bye?

The Saints have now lost five in a row. The season is on the brink. How do they right the ship? We discuss this and more.  

Scout’s take: Breaking down the New York Jets and how they match up with the Saints

How the Saints pair up against the Jets, and where things stand for New York heading into Sunday’s game. The General: The New York Jets are coming off a 33-18 home loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. The Jets (3-9) last seized victory the week prior with a road win against the Texans. Their other two […]

Saints film room: Breaking down the good and bad from Taysom Hill’s start

Taysom Hill was almost good enough until he wasn’t. The Saints quarterback showed tantalizing potential and even appeared to show growth in his ability to process the field, but he undid all of it by turning the ball over too many times, which has long been the biggest issue with his game.

Members Only: Breaking down the loss to the Cowboys

The Saints lost a winnable game. The defense once again proved what it can do, but the offense wasn’t up to the task. In some ways, it might have even been the worst offensive performance of the season. What does it all mean? We try to put all the action in context. Here’s how to […]

Saints are running out of chances to save their season. Can they still find a way after loss to Cowboys?

It’s hard to know what anything involving the Saints means. Do you count the missing starters or count the interceptions? Do you count the third-down stops or the explosive plays? Do you count the quarterback’s healthy limbs or the unhealthy ones? Things will get better when some of the guys return from injuries, but do […]

What will it take for the Saints to save their season?

The Saints are on a bit of a skid, losers of four straight. They have a chance to get it back on track against the Cowboys on Thursday night. Can they take advantage? Is Taysom Hill the cure? We discuss this and more.

The Rundown: Can Taysom Hill turn the season around?

Making a change to Taysom Hill at quarterback makes a lot of sense. Blaming the four-game losing streak on Trevor Siemian wouldn’t only be unfair, but it would be inaccurate. Dropped passes were a huge issue during Siemian’s first two starts, and injuries railroaded the next two. Still, it has taken too long for the […]

Scout’s take: Breaking down the Dallas Cowboys and how they match up with the Saints

Breaking down the Cowboys ahead of Thursday’s game against the Saints.

How the Saints can clear $80-90 million in cap space this offseason without cutting anyone

The prognostications that the salary cap is going to sink the Saints have already started. If you haven’t already, you’ll soon start seeing graphics and charts showing the team is projected to be about $60-70 million over the 2022 salary cap. A heavy amount, for sure, and one that carries more weight when the team […]

Assessing the state of the Saints following Thursday’s loss: Where things stand now and in the future

The Saints endured what has to be one of the worst losses in recent franchise history. Moments like this are jarring. Moments like this will make you say and think and wonder things you usually wouldn’t say, think or wonder. You often walk away from such wreckage and try to make it mean something and […]

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