Roster audit: Assessing where things stand and the level of need at each position for Saints on offense

This offseason is among the most critical in team history. Drew Brees is likely gone. The team has rebooted and retooled at times during the last 15 years, but never without the central figure. The roster is strong enough and has other players ready to step to the forefront, but things are almost certain to […]

Podcast: Who is going to play QB for the Saints in 2021?

Who is going to play QB for the Saints in 2021? Is it going to be Jameis Winston? Taysom Hill? Should the team go after Matthew Stafford? We compare and contrast all of those players on this week’s episode of Saints Talk. If you like the podcast, subscribe to NewOrleans.Football  for more exclusive analysis. Subscribe […]

Why the Saints should explore the idea of Matthew Stafford or any other proven QB who hits the market

The Saints had to see Taysom Hill to know. You can have ideas about what a player will be and the things he can do, but it can only be abstract until something tangible can be evaluated. New Orleans saw that process unfold with Hill this season. Behind closed doors and during practices, he impressed […]

The Rundown: Are the Saints serious about Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill at QB?

The first whisper came in a hotel lobby in Indianapolis. After his first season in New Orleans, Taysom Hill was just some quarterback who did some things on special teams and was an athletic marvel. No one was looking at him as someone who would be in the conversation to serve as the potential successor […]

Podcast: What’s next for the Saints?

The quarterback is gone. The cap is tight. How can the Saints rebuilt their roster next season? We explore this, discuss how much the team should trade for Deshaun Watson if he were to become available, and much more. Like the podcast? Subscribe to NewOrleans.Football for more exclusive analysis.   Subscribe to the podcast Subscribe […]

How the Saints can get under the cap, refill the roster, and reload at quarterback if they choose that path

The last time an offseason was this critical, this important, Sean Payton and Drew Brees got lost driving around New Orleans. The two didn’t know the city then and were trying to find their way, as coach and quarterback, as leaders of an organization, and quite literally, through a new town. They figured it out […]

The promise of the unknown surrounding the Saints’ offense never arrived as hoped

We waited all year to see the New Orleans offense. Hope existed that there was something more than what we were seeing. So many players were missing, in and out of the lineup. Health and chemistry had to be the fix. But it turns out the cloud of uncertainty, which became occupied with wonder and […]

The Rundown: Drew Brees entering what could be a fitting last act

This is fitting. The whole road might be, really, depending on how it plays out. Drew Brees vs. Tom Brady. Drew Brees vs. Aaron Rodgers (or the Rams who stole his last best shot while riding on the back of zebras). Drew Brees vs. Patrick Mahomes. What a story, if it plays out likes this. […]

A complete history of every snap where Marshon Lattimore matched up against Mike Evans

They say Mike Evans is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL. The highlights, clips and stats all say this. Evans goes out and catches passes against other players, sometimes in dominant fashion, but to people who watch the Saints and nothing else, he’s just that guy who had a good game that […]

Podcast: Can the Saints peak at the right time?

We get you ready with everything you need to know for this weekend’s game against the Bucs. How is playing well, how the offense looked and why the defense should be taken seriously — we cover it all. If you enjoy the podcast, please consider subscribing to NewOrleans.Football.    Subscribe to the podcast Subscribe on […]

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