The glossary: Everything you need to know to understand contract terms and how the Saints work the salary cap

Have questions about the cap and what all the different terms you come across mean? We have answers. Here’s everything you need to know about how the Saints work the cap and what the various terms mean. Log in or purchase a subscription to continue reading this article. Username Password Remember Me     Forgot […]

The glossary: The stunts the Saints use on the defensive line and how to identify them

The Saints like to manufacture pressure. They have many ways of going about it, whether by dialing up a blitz or creating confusion with a creative-looking front. But on a fundamental level, one of their greatest weapons is the games and twists they use on the defensive line, which all categorized as stunts. Understanding how […]

The glossary: How to spot trends and tendencies by identifying offensive personnel

I do the same thing at the beginning of every play. Count the personnel. The number of tight ends, running backs and wide receivers on the field can tell you a story and provide some indicators for what is about to happen. Tracking this data and marrying it with the down and distance will allow […]

The glossary: Explaining the different defensive line techniques and associated responsibilities

Using numbers to explain where a defensive end lines up isn’t meant to complicated things. Those numbers should create a greater understanding of what a player is supposed to do on each play. They also can very quickly illustrate what type of defensive end or defensive tackle a player is because they aren’t all the […]

The glossary: The run concepts the Saints use and how to identify them

The Saints have four key running concepts they use, each one quite different from the others, though each is key to success. Knowing the difference between how these plays are blocked isn’t too difficult. Being equipped with that knowledge can quickly further your knowledge on what is supposed to happen during each play and clue […]

The glossary: The coverages the Saints play and how to identify them

Football is a complex game loaded with jargon. Everything has a name or a call, and unless you know what those words mean, it can be a lot to process and can sometimes make you feel like you’re being left behind. But this stuff isn’t that hard to understand. You just have to start somewhere. […]

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