Saints’ mental testing could have helped identify players who can make successful transition during challenging offseason

Ed Warriner has been around a lot of football players during his three decades as a football coach. The amount of offensive linemen he’s coached during that span, which includes stops at Army, Air Force, Kansas, Illinois, Notre Dame, Ohio State and his current post at Michigan, is staggering. So, when he makes statements about […]

Saints rookie film study: Why Adam Trautman has unlimited upside

The Dayton Flyers wore red jerseys with red numbers during some games last season, making it difficult to identify any of their players on film. For a minute, there was a moment of panic. How can anyone accurately identify Adam Trautman? Then you quickly realize that all you had to do was look for the […]

Why Tommy Stevens could be the next Taysom, and notes on the UDFA class

Everyone has talked about replacing Drew Brees. No one has talked about how to replace Taysom Hill if he ascends into the starting role. Mainly because there usually isn’t a way to replace a unicorn, but it appears New Orleans has found the next-best option in Tommy Stevens. The former Mississippi State and Penn State […]

Draft takeaways: Should the Saints consider signing Jameis Winston as backup quarterback?

The Saints might still need another quarterback. That is, of course, if the goal is to continue to use Taysom Hill in a multi-faceted role, which we assume it is. So, that means New Orleans needs another backup active on game days. The Saints added Mississippi State quarterback Tommy Stevens in the seventh round, and […]

Saints approach the draft differently than other teams, and it works for them

The Saints have a problem that only the most successful teams could ever experience. What do you do when your team is too good to add a bunch of players? Do you bring in a bunch of camp bodies, a couple of which might work out, but will more than likely come in and fade […]

Film study: Zack Baun can be a versatile defensive weapon for Saints

The Saints have operated with one goal in mind throughout the offseason. Everything they’ve done, and everything they’ve tried to do, has been about creating versatility and flexibility on defense. The addition of Malcolm Jenkins opens up a world of options in the secondary. The attempt to bring in Jamie Collins was another swing at […]

Selection of Cesar Ruiz should turn Saints offensive line back into a strength

The Saints were not happy with how Larry Warford performed last season. The guard showed up to camp overweight and was a frequent target of criticism from the coaching staff, according to sources. Nothing about it was subtle. They let him know that things weren’t going as planned. Putting some heat on Warford was one […]

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