Why Sheldon Rankins and Marcus Davenport are among the most important players for next season

So much of the Saints’ success hinges on the defensive line staying healthy. Other positions look a little thin on depth, but injuries at linebacker and cornerback will hit differently if New Orleans can keep the front upright. The carnage created during the San Francisco game last season showed just how bleak things could get. […]

Locks, near locks, on the fence, long shots: How Saints roster looks at this stage of the offseason

The Saints might have assembled the deepest roster of the Sean Payton era. If you start ordering players, when you get somewhere around spots 45-50, you’ll begin considering where to place players like Malcom Brown and Margus Hunt. Dwayne Washington might also be in the mix. This is a significant difference from a couple of […]

Jameis Winston’s throwing coach on the baseball bat video, and why the QB should thrive again

Jameis Winston raised some eyebrows this weekend when he posted a video of himself dropping back in the pocket and then … swinging a baseball bat? The video was peculiar for those of us who have never seen such a thing, but there is a lot of science behind this action. Many quarterbacks who work […]

The rundown: Why teammates compare competitiveness of Michael Thomas to Michael Jordan

There was a little bit of a firestorm last week over a comparison made between how Michael Thomas and Michael Jordan conduct themselves. Anyone who has been around Thomas the last few years undoubtedly saw shades of the New Orleans wide receiver when watching “The Last Dance” on ESPN the previous few weeks. Jordan looked […]

Why Marshon Lattimore and other NFC South CBs deserve more credit

There aren’t many carefree days for cornerbacks in the NFC South. Guys in other divisions will catch a gimmie or two every season. But if you’re the No. 1 guy on an NFC South team that has its cornerbacks travel with top receivers, you’ll have to face elite competition at least six times per season. […]

What happens to Michael Thomas’ stats if you remove his top two routes? What about other top receivers?

Some football fans would have you believe that Michael Thomas only runs slant routes and nothing else. They’ve convinced themselves that this is true. These people have even created memes to spread the word across social media platforms like an army of truthers with an undying need to educate the world. This narrative isn’t real, […]

How Tommy Stevens can add another layer of deception to Saints’ offense

Understanding why the Saints had to have Tommy Stevens isn’t hard. The evidence is on the screen every time he touches the field. The former Penn State weapon and Mississippi State quarterback has incredible athletic ability, which creates endless opportunities for one of the NFL’s most inventive coaching staffs. “I’d be remiss to say I […]

Ty Montgomery’s skill set could make him an interesting player for Saints

Sean Payton knows how to make use of versatile players. If you can do various things on the field, the Saints coach will figure out how to use your skills. Just look at Taysom Hill. Payton even turned Travaris Cadet into a viable piece of the offense. If you’re unique, the team will find a […]

The rundown: What Cesar Ruiz needs to do start at center, Jeff Ireland’s disaster preparation, more

The Saints are better positioned than most teams to take advantage of the unique circumstances of this offseason. Most of their starters are back, and they don’t need a lot of time building chemistry. But the lack of practice time could be what decides whether or not Cesar Ruiz plays center or guard next season. […]

How Deonte Harris can become a bigger playmaker on offense

At some point during every broadcast last season, after the booth was done comparing Taysom Hill to Steve Young, one of the announcers would comment on how the Saints could turn Deonte Harris into a dynamic playmaker like Tyreek Hill. One might suspect these comments were coming straight to your television from the weekly production […]

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