A fever dream: What position would Zion Williamson play for the Saints?

Zion Williamson looks like a football player. He always has, but the photo that circulated of him in the Pelicans’ weight room this week reignited those thoughts. If you didn’t know any better, you might guess that a Saints rookie was working out across the parking lot. The question is if Williamson were to put […]

The rundown: How Demario Davis can take the next step for himself and the Saints’ defense

Demario Davis is not done. Not by a long shot. Arguably the best free-agent signing in team history since Drew Brees, the linebacker cemented his standing as one of the NFL’s best linebackers last season. He excelled in all aspects of the game and perhaps reached his peak, but New Orleans is challenging Davis to […]

Player projections: What to expect from Emmanuel Sanders in 2020

Someone dominating the targets never seemed possible. For a decade, the Saints were an equal-opportunity offense, a place where passes got spread about, and everyone ate. Someone would inevitably get the last slice and consume a little more than everyone else, but no one ever went hungry. That hasn’t been the case for the last […]

Player projections: What to expect from Sheldon Rankins in 2020

The scene was the same for about two years. Sheldon Rankins sitting at his locker, eyes straight ahead, explaining why he felt he was playing well despite not putting together the kind of sack numbers that validate a first-round pass rusher. His answers were always gracious, patient and illuminating, but you could tell, by the […]

The rundown: How many times since 2006 has Drew Brees actually thrown a deep corner route? We found out

Drew Brees has finally thrown a pass to Emmanuel Sanders. The Saints quarterback and his new wide receiver got together in Denver this week for a throwing session, which, considering the world’s current landscape, qualifies as the most significant on-field development of the year for the Saints. Brees is a quarterback who likes to throw […]

It looks like Michael Thomas has gotten stronger. How will that impact his game?

Michael Thomas didn’t want to tell. He never does. He likes to keep the details to himself, whether it’s the benefits of doing hand yoga or what his offseason program entails. Someone might be listening – no, someone is listening – and he doesn’t want to give anyone his blueprint. So, last month, when asked […]

Coverage plan: Finding the best matchups for Marshon Lattimore and Janoris Jenkins in each game this season

Most of the Saints’ game-planning sessions have started with the same question for the better part of the last three years. Where is Marshon Lattimore lining up? The question is — or was — necessary. Until recently, Lattimore was far and away the best cornerback on the team, the lone player capable of covering anyone […]

The rundown: Ranking the Saints’ roster by elite, great, very good and good

A tweet recently spread asking people to rate players on various teams by tiers ranging from elite to good.  Considering the Saints have such a talented roster, going though this exercise is not easy. The natural inclination is to put a bunch of guys at the top, which would be justifiable, but I decided to […]

Film study: Comparing Erik McCoy and Cesar Ruiz’s final college seasons

The Saints drafted two of the best center prospects to enter the NFL over the last two seasons. When everything settles as it should, Cesar Ruiz will likely end up playing center, with Erik McCoy moving to right guard. Both men’s talents are best suited at these positions, especially McCoy, who can use his athleticism […]

Here are 29 questions that could have been answered during OTAs and minicamp

No summer camps left the curtain on many of the questions still surrounding the Saints. So, since it will be at least six more weeks until we start to see those things, here’s a look at everything I wish I could have saw during minicamps and organized team activities. Log in or purchase a subscription […]

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