Breaking down Alvin Kamara’s last three seasons by run type to project the future

New Orleans watched the birth of a generational talent a couple of years ago. Alvin Kamara routinely had moments that were better than anyone else’s moments. He ran through people. He ran around people. He’d get hit one, two, three times on the same run and not fall. It seemed certain that in time, with […]

Scouting free agent wide receivers who could fit the Saints

The Saints could go into next season planning to throw an even higher percentage of passes to Michael Thomas, and it would probably work. The wide receiver is that good, that unguardable. The lack of another reliable option at wide receiver is only an issue of variety, not one of application. Sure, life would be […]

How Marcus Davenport can take the next steps in his development and become even better

Marcus Davenport has a chance to become a dominant player. You don’t have to look too hard. The moments are there. Nothing has changed. The Saints pass rusher possesses the same potential he always has. His breathtaking athleticism pops off the screen, allowing him to make plays no one else in New Orleans makes. And […]

The rundown: Talking compensatory picks, Marcus Williams’ next contract, tagging Taysom for ’21, more

The last two weeks have been absolutely incredible, and I want to thank everyone who has joined me on this adventure. The fact that so many people have been willing to support what I’m trying to do here has been extremely moving and humbling. I’m going to keep working as hard as I possibly can […]

Draft simulation: How the Saints can play the board and optimize picks

Draft season is here. New Orleans is entering a fascinating offseason, one in which there are plenty of areas to tweak or improve, but not a lengthy list of musts. The right tweaks could put this team in the Super Bowl, but it also needs to have an eye on the future and set up […]

Saints blueprint: Moves, additions, cap adjustments team should make on defense

The combine is here, which means it is time to start laying out plans for the season. Yesterday, the plan for how the Saints can get better on offense got laid out. Today, we go through the biggest roster issues and cap situations on defense. Log in or purchase a subscription to continue reading this […]

Saints blueprint: Moves, additions, cap adjustments team should make on offense

The combine is here, which means it is time to start laying out plans for the season. Over each of the next two days, I’ll be laying out a plan for how the Saints can get better on both sides of the ball, the biggest issues the roster faces, and where they can create cap […]

How Taysom Hill’s growth as a route runner could make him an even bigger weapon

Imagine a world where one player can do everything and never leave the field. Quarterback one snap. Tight end the next. Running back. Wide receiver. OK, so, maybe this isn’t the best exercise. The mind doesn’t have to stretch that far since everyone is already more than familiar with Taysom Hill. The football player has […]

What a new Collective Bargaining Agreement means for Saints salary cap, Drew Brees contract

The NFL could be closing in on reaching a new collective bargaining agreement with the players that would lock in labor peace for the next decade. More games, expanded playoffs, more practice restrictions. There is a lot on the table that could change the way the league looks and operates over the next decade. But […]

Stay or go: What we’d do with each of the Saints’ pending free agents

Everyone is days away from forming their offseason plans. With the whole league in Indianapolis next week for the scouting combine, teams and agents will soon know each other’s expectations. By the end of the week, everyone should have a good idea which players are staying and which ones need new jobs. Here is a […]

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