How often does Taysom Hill keep the ball when he lines up at quarterback? We found out

Taysom Hill might be the most polarizing player in the NFL. People either think he is the future of the offense or an overpaid gadget player. Some are in the middle, but those people think he should play tight end or nothing else. There are very few NFL fans who are not ready and willing […]

Saints film room: How New Orleans schemed its way to success on offense against Lions

The Saints are here. The team didn’t show up right away this year. The first few weeks of the season were defined by awkwardness and a lack of chemistry, much like the early moments of a mixer before everyone settles in. Some people were going for hugs while others were looking for handshakes. On Sunday, […]

Drew Brees finally has the performance that ‘will shut everybody up’ in win over Lions

DETROIT – Alvin Kamara has thoughts and opinions about how Drew Brees is playing, but first, he wants others to stop sharing their opinions.  He might have gotten the ingredients to make his wish come true with how well the quarterback played during Sunday’s 35-29 over the Detroit Lions.  “A game like this will shut […]

Update: Michael Burton’s retest comes back negative for COVID-19

UPDATE: Michael Burton does not have COVID-19 The fullback’s retest came back negative, as did the point-of-contact tests for all of his close contacts. All players are cleared for today’s game against the Lions. ————— DETROIT — The Saints could be stranded in a potential nightmare. After landing in Detroit late Saturday evening, the team […]

Dennis Allen is working to simplify the way he teaches things to help defense improve after slow start to season

Dennis Allen isn’t making excuses. This offseason has been atypical, and he has been down a few players on his side of the ball, but the Saints should be playing better. He knows it. Sean Payton knows it. The defense knows it. Now, the defensive coordinator is putting it on himself to correct things. Log […]

The Rundown: Alvin Kamara has become the best version of himself

Alvin Kamara jogged down the field. Erik McCoy came running by the running back as defensive players slid off of Kamara and hit the ground, discarded one after another without care. The video of the play makes Kamara look like the conductor of a storm. He moves about as if he is in control as […]

Evaluating every snap to see why Cam Jordan’s sack numbers are down to start the season

Cam Jordan was on his way to another highlight. The play was nothing new to the defensive end. Jordan has used offensive tackles, running backs and whoever else has gotten in his way as objects to knock over quarterbacks. Packers right tackle Billy Turner was simply on his way to joining that list. Jordan hit […]

Saints film review: How Raiders set the stage for Packers to make things difficult for New Orleans

The Raiders wrote the book on the Saints. Many people go to Las Vegas and have their lack of discipline exposed and used against them. New Orleans was no different. During last week’s game, the Raiders showed how vulnerable the Saints’ defense is to bootlegs and play-action passes in short-yardage situations. New Orleans, for whatever […]

Quick take: Saints defense has to figure out how to tighten up after another lackluster performance

Alvin Kamara is not part of this discussion.   He is currently one of the best players in the NFL right now, and, frankly, one of the few reasons the Saints have even been close in any games. Everyone else deserves scorn. This is supposed to be one of the most talented teams in the […]

The Rundown: Evaluating all snaps to figure out why Emmanuel Sanders has gotten off to a slow start

Emmanuel Sanders should eventually get going. The wide receiver is a talented player who has integrated himself into many offenses over the years, enjoying success at each stop. But his first two games with the Saints have only yielded four catches, 33 yards and one touchdown, well shy of the high expectations many have for […]

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