Sean Payton, Saints coaching staff face one of their biggest challenges since 2006

This season was already going to be challenging. The face of the franchise is gone, and regardless of what you thought about Drew Brees’ ability at the end, things will be awkward at times. There will be countless issues that arise that once got taken for granted. Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill have potential, and […]

Sources: Michael Thomas expected to miss time to start the season due to ankle injury

While much will be different with the Saints this season, some aspects will look a lot like last year. After dealing with a lingering ankle injury all of last season, Michael Thomas is still battling the same injury. The Saints wide receiver underwent surgery on his ankle last month, according to a source, and is […]

Kwon Alexander visits the Saints: Early thoughts on what it means

The Saints brought a familiar face in for a visit on Tuesday. Could Kwon Alexander be on his way back to New Orleans? Does a signing make sense? What does it mean for everyone else? Here are some early thoughts on what it all means: Log in or purchase a subscription to continue reading this […]

With offensive line coaches Brendan Nugent and Zach Strief, Saints have the best of both worlds on coaching staff

Voices are good when they’re coming from the right places. The Saints have never been afraid of bringing in more opinions and more perspectives, and they often try to have two strong voices in the areas where it makes sense. The team has sought to have multiple strong voices whether it be in the secondary, […]

Exploring possible options to help Saints overcome David Onyemata suspension

Life was already going to be different and, quite possibly, a little awkward for the Saints as they transition into life without the quarterback who was so synonymous with the franchise his face essentially became an alternative logo. But the degree of difficulty continues to get turned up. As the team waits to find out […]

Most likely to least likely: Running through 15 Saints-related scenarios

The Saints should still have a strong team next season, though there is no doubt this team is in a period of transition. Things that used to be taken for granted now lean a little bit more toward “maybes” or fall into “if, then” scenarios. With training camp on the horizon, we took a look […]

Measuring how much more room the Saints receivers will have to operate underneath when deep passes are a threat

We have spent a lot of time this offseason discussing how the offense could open up more with a different quarterback. There is no doubt this should be true. We’ve quantified this a few different ways, but most of the conversations get argued with anecdotal evidence, which, to be fair, is probably more than enough […]

The glossary: Everything you need to know to understand contract terms and how the Saints work the salary cap

Have questions about the cap and what all the different terms you come across mean? We have answers. Here’s everything you need to know about how the Saints work the cap and what the various terms mean. Log in or purchase a subscription to continue reading this article.

The glossary: The stunts the Saints use on the defensive line and how to identify them

The Saints like to manufacture pressure. They have many ways of going about it, whether by dialing up a blitz or creating confusion with a creative-looking front. But on a fundamental level, one of their greatest weapons is the games and twists they use on the defensive line, which all categorized as stunts. Understanding how […]

The glossary: How to spot trends and tendencies by identifying offensive personnel

I do the same thing at the beginning of every play. Count the personnel. The number of tight ends, running backs and wide receivers on the field can tell you a story and provide some indicators for what is about to happen. Tracking this data and marrying it with the down and distance will allow […]

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