The Rundown: How the Saints make adjustments during games, and why that will be key to winning on Sunday

To some extent, every game is a mystery. Teams work to find new ways to hide their tendencies and introduce wrinkles to surprise their opponents. Still, every team typically has a set of fingerprints and other identifiable traits from which they cannot run. The Saints’ problem heading into the season opener against the Buccaneers is […]

Tipping-point players: How these four players can take the Saints’ defense to the top

Underneath Marshon Lattimore’s laid-back demeanor, an unrivaled competitive spirit exists. When he knows he’s being tested and is interested in the results, he strives for greatness and appears to be among the best in his profession. The problem is when Lattimore isn’t interested in the results, and the test is easy, he spaces out and […]

Evaluating where Tom Brady is at in his career, and what the Saints should expect to see from him

Tom Brady is one of the greatest ever to do it. No one can take away the rings, the accolades, or the exceptional film he produced over the last two decades. But Brady no longer wears red, white and blue. This guy who now wears a different colored jersey is a little different. Brady will […]

Saints’ versatile safeties should create identity for the defense

Things started with hope every year, but hope is often a mask for denial. Strikeouts, misses and injuries left the Saints without much depth at safety. Undrafted guys and players from other leagues arrived every summer like a spring in the desert, but the spring always evaporated — if the hope of salvation ever existed […]

Thoughts and analysis on the first 53-man roster

Some thoughts and analysis on the Saints’ first roster.  Log in or purchase a subscription.

Final 53-man roster projection as training camp comes to a close

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Why Jadeveon Clowney should choose to join the Saints

Jadeveon Clowney should look at Teddy Bridgewater. Bridgewater could have taken more money to sign with the Miami Dolphins before last season. He could have gone there, got his money, made some plays, and hit the market again in a couple of years. Things might have worked out for him. But he instead decided to […]

Can Saints, Alvin Kamara find a value compromise before start of the season?

Alvin Kamara wants a new contract. There is no longer any doubt about that. The running back had said earlier this offseason that he wouldn’t worry about negotiations, but things changed. Kamara has been staying away from the team to try and get a contract finished, and it has caused some friction. Both sides will […]

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