Film study: Comparing Erik McCoy and Cesar Ruiz’s final college seasons

The Saints drafted two of the best center prospects to enter the NFL over the last two seasons. When everything settles as it should, Cesar Ruiz will likely end up playing center, with Erik McCoy moving to right guard. Both men’s talents are best suited at these positions, especially McCoy, who can use his athleticism […]

Here are 29 questions that could have been answered during OTAs and minicamp

No summer camps left the curtain on many of the questions still surrounding the Saints. So, since it will be at least six more weeks until we start to see those things, here’s a look at everything I wish I could have saw during minicamps and organized team activities. Log in or purchase a subscription.

The rundown: How Alvin Kamara’s trainer is preparing him for a big bounce back

Alvin Kamara has provided glimmers over the last two seasons. The specialness, the uniqueness, has shown up in flashes. You see it and remember what Kamara looked like as a rookie. Still, the memory has become so stretched that you might not even have realized that the guy who dominated against Houston and Seattle last […]

Why Saints believe Jared Cook will emerge as a ‘one-on-one nightmare’ for NFL defenses

The Saints are getting ready to unleash a nightmare on the league. No, seriously. That’s their choice of words, not ours, but it’s not crazy. While it took Jared Cook some time to get going, if you kept paying attention, then you already know the Saints tight end was causing sleepless nights for defensive coordinators […]

Why Aaron Glenn and the Saints see football players being more ‘positionless’ in the future, and what that means right now

The concept of set positions is becoming outdated. At least a little bit. More than ever, teams need a handful of players who can move around and do multiple things. Having a bunch of players who are affixed to one area of the field and never move is quickly becoming a hindrance, and Saints secondary […]

Saints defensive coordinator Dennis Allen has the players to create a lot of disguise, and he plans to use them

Dennis Allen has always wanted a defense that is hard to read. He doesn’t want a quarterback to quickly scan the field and identify who is dropping and who is rushing. He doesn’t want someone to know which safety is playing high or low. Allen wants to create chaos like he always does, but sometimes […]

How many of the Saints’ big plays was Marcus Williams responsible for last season?

Opinions on Marcus Williams are as varied as the items on a Cheesecake Factory menu. Some people argue that he is the best safety in the NFL, an elite player who changes the way you defend. Others will forever curse his name. So, who is right?  To get closer to the truth, I watched and […]

It won’t be easy, and there are no guarantees, but this is how the Saints and Drew Brees can mend things

The music is over. The smoke is clear. The strobe lights are off, replaced by a spotlight illuminating an issue no one saw coming. What once appeared to be one of the league’s strongest locker rooms is now being tested after Drew Brees’ comments on Wednesday about players peacefully protesting during the national anthem set […]

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