In Payton Turner, the Saints get a defensive end with ‘tremendous upside’

The Saints have many needs on defense. Some are more glaring than others, but the ones that don’t jump out still exist. New Orleans did not leave the first round with a cornerback or a linebacker or quarterback. The Saints’ efforts to move up in the first round were unsuccessful; their aggressive nature was thwarted […]

Podcast: Will the Saints make a move into the top 10? Who are they targeting?

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The Saints often operate aggressively. Has the approach worked? Will they be aggressive in the draft?

Sean Payton has joked before about how he’s not the guy to let a good play sit on his call sheet. If he likes something, he’s going to use it as soon as he can. Moments can pass by people who wait. The Saints have taken on that mentality as an entire organization. They go […]

The ideal draft: The players, positions and approach the Saints should take this week

Claiming one draft is more important than another would be disingenuous. All of them matter equally, and all the drafts of yesterday paint the picture you see today. The Saints are evidence of this point. Being a team that often drafts well and sometimes drafts great has put them in a position where hope is […]

The rundown: C.J. Gardner-Johnson is working to make a difference for New Orleans youth

The temperatures had dropped into the 30s, and the wind that day made it feel even worse. But you wouldn’t know it if you looked out at the middle of the field at Tad Gormley Stadium, where C.J. Gardner-Johnson smiled, danced to music and gave out instructions to a large group of high school football […]

Takeaways from Sean Payton’s comments on draft needs, scouting challenges, life after Brees, more

Some takeaways from Sean Payton’s meeting with the media on Tuesday. DRAFT PROCESS MORE CHALLENGING The Saints are preparing for a draft that is a little more challenging than what is typical. Log in or purchase a subscription to continue reading this article.

Where the Saints can expect to be able to draft a cornerback: Inside the numbers

The Saints have a significant hole at cornerback, and the expectation is that they will try and fill it during next week’s draft. Given that the team needs top-end talent and not just depth, the team will likely be looking to address the position within the first two rounds to have a better shot at […]

Using Saints draft trends under Jeff Ireland to identify first-round prospects

The Saints pay attention to the scouting combine. They care about how players test and perform and use the measurements to build draft profiles. Nothing will ever be more important than film and how the players perform on the field, but it has become clear the Saints prefer a certain type of athlete. Log in […]

Could Alvin Kamara do more damage with increased snaps at slot receiver?

The Saints are in a position where they can evaluate and reimagine many of the things they do. As they go through that process, one of the questions they should be asking themselves is how they can get the ball into the hands of one of the NFL’s most unique weapons more often. Alvin Kamara […]

Why the Saints should stay in the ‘quarterback business,’ and what that could mean this year

Sean Payton has been telling us for years that he’s in the quarterback business. If you pay attention, he’s also been showing us what being in that business means. Log in or purchase a subscription to continue reading this article.

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