Saints film room: How the defense dominated against the Patriots

A complete breakdown of what stood out at every position group during the Saints’ 28-13 win over the Patriots. Log in or purchase a subscription to continue reading this article. Username Password Remember Me     Forgot Password

Nothing about Sunday’s performance was pretty, but the Saints had a plan to win and executed it

Sean Payton told you how this game was going to get played on Wednesday. When the coach started dropping stats about the turnover battle and how hard it was to play the Patriots in New England, it was clear Payton wasn’t going to tolerate his team making unforced errors this week at Gillette Stadium. He […]

The rundown: How the Saints will fix their protections this week against Patriots

Jameis Winston says he is going to take on a little more command this week with getting the protections set. The Saints faced significant issues last week against the Carolina Panthers, struggled to adjust to the pass rush, and got beat by the same look several times throughout the loss. The team says that there […]

Saints film room: How Payton Turner stood out during his first NFL game, and why he should enjoy sustained success

No one knew what to make of Payton Turner when the Saints drafted him. He came from a small school, didn’t face elite competition and had a little bit of rawness to his game. After a strong start to training camp, during which he showed glimmers of his potential, he suffered an injury that sidelined […]

Saints film room: Breaking down what went wrong in protection and the passing game against Carolina

The Saints are going to see it again and again. Carolina showed the path for disrupting this offense. Now, New Orleans needs to make the adjustments before it can become a blueprint, and the Saints know it. The Panthers bet big that New Orleans would struggle to get their protections in place with center Erik […]

The Saints ran into more adversity than they could overcome in loss to Panthers

The Saints didn’t win the Super Bowl last week, and they didn’t secure the top pick in the draft this week against Carolina. As much as people wanted this story to be free of adversity, there are going to be some challenging games as the Saints continue to adjust to life without Drew Brees – […]

The rundown: How Jameis Winston and Sean Payton are getting used to communicating in the huddle

Sean Payton paused as he realized how many times he called a play into Drew Brees during the 14 seasons the two worked together. The two had a cadence. Payton knew what Brees wanted to hear and how best to deliver that information. With Jameis Winston, the two are just starting to get used to […]

How Sean Payton overcame an ocean, a broken down Chevy Cavalier and a blocked job path to break into coaching

Steve Devine’s phone started ringing again. He liked the kid and appreciated that he wouldn’t take no for an answer, but just like the day before, nothing had changed. Devine could tell right away that the kid was smart and eager, and he liked that, but San Diego State had already filled the job he […]

How Saints defense got off to a faster start this year, and why there might be more reason for confidence moving forward

FORT WORTH, Texas – The New Orleans defense has built a reputation for many things over the last few years. The Saints are known for dominating offsenses and getting after quarterbacks. People talk about their secondary and the defensive schemes Dennis Allen employs. But no one would have ever commented before about them showing up […]

Saints film room: How New Orleans dominated the Packers on both sides of the ball

A complete breakdown of what stood out at every position group during the Saints’ 38-3 win over the Packers. Log in or purchase a subscription to continue reading this article.

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