How Aaron Glenn developed his unique teaching ability, and why it should lead to him becoming a defensive coordinator sooner than later

Malcolm Jenkins has been in the league for a dozen years, and no one ever got him comfortable playing quarters coverage. Jenkins has always been more comfortable playing near the line of scrimmage and using his instincts to be around the ball or cover man-to-man. He could drop deep and make some plays, but that […]

Saints film room: How the pass rush broke out against the Falcons

The New Orleans defense is starting to become what it was supposed to be this offseason. The team has sorted out its mistakes, gotten organized and now looks to be rolling. Sunday’s game against the Falcons was just the latest benchmark for this team, and it is starting to look like this is a group […]

Breaking down Taysom Hill’s first start: How the offense changed, what the QB did well and where he can improve

So many scenarios.   Three years of glimpses have gotten placed together, creating a mosaic of what Taysom Hill was as a player and how the Saints could use him. So, when we learned earlier this week that the quarterback would be starting this week against the Falcons, we turned back to that image, trying […]

What did NFL scouting reports say about Taysom Hill in 2017? Here’s an inside look at what teams said about the QB

NewOrleans.Football acquired scouting reports on Hill from August 2017 via two league sources, which show what teams were thinking about the quarterback at the time.

Why last year’s trip to Los Angeles to play the Chargers was key to Taysom Hill’s development

The day when everything started to click for Taysom Hill isn’t hard to determine.   The coaches, players – everyone agrees it happened last year in the preseason against the Chargers. Things were coming along that summer, but it was a grind. Hill wasn’t making the quick decisions the team was looking for consistently or […]

The case for starting Taysom Hill instead of Jameis Winston

What if the Saints decide to go in an unexpected direction?

Breaking down the bullrush: How Marcus Davenport is using his power to light up offensive tackles

Mike McGlinchey wasn’t ready for the smoke.   Most people aren’t.   There is a game of choice with Marcus Davenport, and the problem is, there are more than a few ways to lose. You have to be ready for his speed to the inside or outside, which can get you moving in different directions. […]

The Rundown: The Jameis Winston edition

Exploring everything you need to know if Winston steps in for Drew Brees at quarterback.

Saints Film Room: How the defense locked in against the 49ers and fixed their eye discipline

 Two plays from Sunday’s win perfectly illustrate the growth of the defense.   Early in the season, the defense had issues with its fundamentals. Eyes in the wrong places. Assignments busted. Players trying to do too much. Any of those three things will cause issues on their own. When they’re all prevalent, which was the […]

Can the Saints win with Jameis Winston if Drew Brees misses time? We explore

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