The rundown: How Jalen Ramsey galvanized Alontae Taylor; Loomis’ shrewdness pays off again

Alontae Taylor is still learning his capabilities. You might assume someone with 4.3 speed knows he’s usually the fastest player on the field and trusts that speed, but Taylor has only started figuring that out. The cornerback didn’t play with much confidence during his first three seasons at Tennessee. You can see it clearly on […]

Saints won’t rein in Trevor Penning’s aggression, just refine it

Nobody really remembers who said what and when. Maybe it was a player. Perhaps it was a Jets coach. All we know is someone, at some point during Senior Bowl practices, told Trevor Penning he needed to chill out. The identity of the person doesn’t matter. The event happened, and we know for sure Penning […]

How Jarvis Landry’s conversations with Jameis Winston helped lead the receiver to the Saints

Jameis Winston didn’t go into sales mode because all he had to do was tell his truth. When Jarvis Landry and Winston spoke this offseason, the wide receiver listened to the Saints’ quarterback as he explained how the team operates and the culture in place. Winston couldn’t say enough good things about the coaching staff. […]

Notes and observations from rookie minicamp

Some quick notes and observations from rookie camp. • The media was only allowed to watch individual drills and stretch. There were no team periods, so it is hard to draw any meaningful conclusions on anything. Everything here are surface-level observations. • Alontae Taylor and Trevor Penning stand out just from a stature standpoint. Taylor […]

Adding Jarvis Landry is the perfect finishing touch for Saints’ offense. Here’s how he’ll fit

The Saints very well might have made history this week. If there was another time a team replaced all three of its top wide receivers from the previous season with three different guys, then it hasn’t happened very often. And an intelligent bet would say if it did happen before, then the three incoming guys […]

Early thoughts and highlights from the Saints’ 2022 schedule

Some highlights and thoughts on the Saints’ schedule. Open against Atlanta Anticipation for this season is already extremely high with the additions of wide receiver Chris Olave and safety Tyrann Mathieu, and with Michael Thomas coming back after missing all of last year with an ankle injury. But having the first game come against the […]

Saints rookie film room: Chris Olave has the talent to make a big impact right away

Sometimes you have to stop and look at who Chris Olave is lining up against just to confirm what you’re seeing is legitimate. The wide receiver so often has defensive backs overrunning routes or going the wrong direction that after seeing the same things happening repeatedly, it becomes necessary to confirm he’s going against starters […]

Saints film room: Exploring Alontae Taylor’s fit on defense

You can see everything the Saints saw in Alontae Taylor pretty quickly. His size immediately stands out when he lines up at cornerback, in the kind of way that makes you take notice. There aren’t too many players who stand 6 feet tall, weigh 200 pounds and have Taylor’s sub-4.40 speed. In fact, there were […]

Breaking down what Tyrann Mathieu did with Chiefs and Marcus Maye did with Jets to see how they’ll fit with Saints

The Saints are going to have a more dynamic secondary. Whether or not Marcus Maye and Tyrann Mathieu are better than the previous combination of Marcus Williams and Malcolm Jenkins will take time to determine. That debate may never get settled if Maye and Mathieu play well but reaching a consensus doesn’t really matter. We […]

Saints’ moves show they expect to be contenders this season

There are people out there who don’t think the Saints can contend. Lots of them. They think that because Drew Brees and Sean Payton are gone, so are the team’s winning ways. They believe that the team is foolish for trading for additional draft picks and signing somewhat expensive free agents. Every move gets met […]

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