How cap guru Khai Harley became the Saints’ secret weapon

Everyone knows Khai Harley’s work. The New Orleans Saints’ cap situation is an annual talking point, and the conversation and chain of events surrounding it are as predictable as the four seasons. Someone creates panic over the situation, talking heads predict that everyone will get traded or cut, the cap gurus wag their fingers, and […]

Inside Jameis Winston’s summer passing camps with Saints teammates

The passes are flying deep down the field and with velocity. Jameis Winston has always had a big arm. He showed it during the playoffs last year by throwing a bomb with a flick of the wrist and used it to average nearly a strikeout per inning during his final season playing baseball at Florida […]

Payton Turner’s first exposure to detailed NFL coaching showed him how high his ceiling could go

Everything is more. More detail. More precision. More expectations. Payton Turner has been reminded a few times how much his life has changed after seeing Alvin Kamara and Cam Jordan in the locker room during minicamp, but the biggest difference has come on the field. No longer is athleticism and strength enough. Everything matters and […]

Adam Trautman wants to take control of his opportunity, become Saints’ lead tight end

Adam Trautman has never been given anything. He wasn’t highly recruited out of high school, and he didn’t end up at a college where he was guaranteed attention from NFL scouts. But he always found a way to create circumstances that favored him, while capitalizing on opportunities. He’s now trying to do that again. Log […]

Paulson Adebo is here to compete and is ready to do whatever it takes to get on the field quickly

Paulson Adebo didn’t play football last year — at least not where anyone could see him. He didn’t get to show the growth he made during his junior season of college and right the wrongs he put on his sophomore film reel. As a result, he didn’t get to improve his draft stock, compete for […]

Cesar Ruiz is finally starting to feel comfortable with his stance, fundamentals of playing guard after challenging rookie year

Last year was staggering for Cesar Ruiz. The very foundation of his game changed. Coming up through the ranks as a center, he started every snap in a braced position, ready to take on the action. At guard, where he played as a rookie, his legs were staggered, and he had to find a way […]

Zack Baun is working to improve his vision on the field to change his outlook at linebacker

The Saints see it, mostly because Zack Baun is starting to see it. Baun, last year’s third-round pick, remains a mystery to most. He’s a former defensive end who is attempting to transition into a weakside linebacker. Most of us have never seen him play in space. All we know about Baun as a linebacker […]

How Marcus Davenport is working to improve his mental state to improve his game

Marcus Davenport has been in the books this offseason. Not just his playbook. He’s tackled books by self-help guru Daniel Levin to become more at peace and improve his mental state. He’s read “The Art of War” to learn about combat tactics and how to attack opponents. Finally, Davenport checked out “Mind of an Athlete,” […]

Saints receiver Juwan Johnson preparing for possible switch to tight end

The Saints could have a new tight end on their roster. While nothing is yet set, the team has talked about moving wide receiver Juwan Johnson to tight end, and he has been working out at the position in preparation for a potential switch. Log in or purchase a subscription to continue reading this article.

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