How the Saints can get under the cap, refill the roster, and reload at quarterback if they choose that path

The last time an offseason was this critical, this important, Sean Payton and Drew Brees got lost driving around New Orleans. The two didn’t know the city then and were trying to find their way, as coach and quarterback, as leaders of an organization, and quite literally, through a new town. They figured it out […]

The promise of the unknown surrounding the Saints’ offense never arrived as hoped

We waited all year to see the New Orleans offense. Hope existed that there was something more than what we were seeing. So many players were missing, in and out of the lineup. Health and chemistry had to be the fix. But it turns out the cloud of uncertainty, which became occupied with wonder and […]

The Rundown: Drew Brees entering what could be a fitting last act

This is fitting. The whole road might be, really, depending on how it plays out. Drew Brees vs. Tom Brady. Drew Brees vs. Aaron Rodgers (or the Rams who stole his last best shot while riding on the back of zebras). Drew Brees vs. Patrick Mahomes. What a story, if it plays out likes this. […]

A complete history of every snap where Marshon Lattimore matched up against Mike Evans

They say Mike Evans is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL. The highlights, clips and stats all say this. Evans goes out and catches passes against other players, sometimes in dominant fashion, but to people who watch the Saints and nothing else, he’s just that guy who had a good game that […]

Saints film room: How close are Saints to finding rhythm on offense? Can they get there by this weekend?

The arrival of the Saints offense was talked about, previewed, and repeatedly delayed throughout the season. They became the football version of “Tenet.” We got told the offense would arrive at some point in 2020, and it did appear, briefly, for a couple of sneak previews, but the wide release got pushed into the new […]

Breaking down the Bucs: What Tampa Bay does on both sides of the ball, and how the Saints match up

The Saints’ win over the Bucs in Week 9 might have been the most impressive moment of the NFL season. With their new quarterback and additional weapons, Tampa Bay was supposed to steal the NFC South, dominate its opposition, and claim the Super Bowl. The last part of that equation is still alive, and it […]

Saints’ defense looks Super Bowl ready, and the offense is just getting started

The Saints can win the Super Bowl. The defense is good enough to keep them in any game, and it will suffocate those it is supposed to suffocate – most of the time, at least. Sunday’s 21-3 — pardon me — 21-9 victory of the Bears proved that. There weren’t any turnovers or many sacks. […]

The Rundown: Evaluating how Drew Brees progressed the last 3 weeks and where he stands heading into the playoffs

Is Drew Brees ready to go? There are reasons to think that Brees is playing better than he has at any point this season. He’s hitting on throws down the field, and the team is even calling some plays designed for him to take shots without much of a safety net. That hasn’t happened a […]

Michael Thomas is getting closer to returning. A look behind the decision to shut things down, and what his return would mean

Michael Thomas wanted to play. When the star wide receiver injured his ankle during the season opener against Tampa Bay, he was determined to beat the prognosis that usually accompanies high-ankle sprains. Everyone around the wide receiver was quick to point out that he is a fast healer and made it clear there was no […]

Breaking down the Bears: What Chicago does on both sides of the ball, and how the Saints match up

Jared Cook doesn’t see the same team. Some key players on Chicago were banged up last time the Saints played the Bears, namely Akiem Hicks, and there was a different guy at quarterback. Week 8 might as well have been a whole season ago because the Saints aren’t the same team, either. “Their secondary was […]

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