Can the Saints secondary get right after mini-bye?

We cover a ton of topics this week, including:

– Jameis or Dalton at QB?

– Can the secondary get right?

– Would you trade for Matt Ryan or Mac Jones?

– Is the season still alive?

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  1. If Sean was coach they would not have made the CJGJ trade. CJ challenged DA I’m a substitute teacher role and DA caves. CJ did not get an extension in Philly yet is playing better than most players for New Orleans. Also injuries in the secondary always happen so trying to count on their depth was a horrible idea. Go look back at the team record when CJ was.hurt and missed games. They couldn’t win when he was out. Horrible decision along with all the othera you hit on.

  2. Guys, don’t argue! What we have now are not one, but two Jameis Winston’s! Dalton pulled his best Jameis imitation so far against the Cardinals…threw a 51-yards-in-the-air strike on his first pass, threw a head scratcher interception and then two pick-sixes when he was “trying to make things happen.” Piled on hundreds of yards and still lost the game.

  3. The writing was on the wall when they were going to make CJGJ part of the Watson deal……allegedly.

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