Breaking down the Bucs: What Tampa Bay does on both sides of the ball, and how the Saints match up

The Saints’ win over the Bucs in Week 9 might have been the most impressive moment of the NFL season.

With their new quarterback and additional weapons, Tampa Bay was supposed to steal the NFC South, dominate its opposition, and claim the Super Bowl. The last part of that equation is still alive, and it is the only part that matters, but on that November day, one team looked like it quit, had the life taken from it, and it wasn’t the Saints.

New Orleans still holds the title of the NFC South’s best team. The Saints have the higher seed, what should be the better roster and a 2-0 advantage over the Bucs. Still, this game won’t be like the last one. Tampa Bay has improved, and, well, the Saints might have, too, but it would be hard to play a better game than they already did against the Bucs.

So how have things changed? How have they stayed the same? Here’s a look at how the Bucs are going about their business, how the Saints match up, and who should hold the edge in the end.

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