Breaking down the Bears: What Chicago does on both sides of the ball, and how the Saints match up

Jared Cook doesn’t see the same team.

Some key players on Chicago were banged up last time the Saints played the Bears, namely Akiem Hicks, and there was a different guy at quarterback. Week 8 might as well have been a whole season ago because the Saints aren’t the same team, either.

"Their secondary was balling. They have got a really good secondary. I feel like that was a different team," Cook said. "Their D line was good, Akiem Hicks was banged up last time we played them. I think that'll be a little different this time. It's a hard playing team, man. You know, it's the first step and the first challenge that we have to make moving forward."

For a while, it looked like New Orleans got one of the first licks on a team headed for demise. The Saints got the second win in what turned to be a six-game skid for the Bears. Late into it, Mitch Trubisky took back over at quarterback, and after losing two games, Chicago won three in a row while leaning on its ground game before losing the finale to Green Bay.

The Saints aren’t quite the same team they were back then, either. The offense was still finding itself, and the defense was just beginning to work its way out of an early rut. The team is now playing up to its potential and looks much more formidable than it did a couple of months ago.

Here’s a look at who the Bears now are, what they do well, and how the Saints can attack.

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