Breaking down Taysom Hill’s first start: How the offense changed, what the QB did well and where he can improve

So many scenarios.
Three years of glimpses have gotten placed together, creating a mosaic of what Taysom Hill was as a player and how the Saints could use him. So, when we learned earlier this week that the quarterback would be starting this week against the Falcons, we turned back to that image, trying to soften the jagged edges and jam pieces into the missing gaps to create a picture of how things might look.

No one knew much about Hill, after all. He was a dual-threat quarterback at BYU, and the guy the Saints apparently compared to Steve Young. But all anyone ever saw of the quarterback in New Orleans were a bunch of running plays, some read-options, and the occasional pass or two. It made sense, then, for everyone to enter Sunday's game against the Falcons, which the Saints won, 24-9, expecting to see something entirely different. Something resembling what Baltimore does with Lamar Jackson or for Sean Payton to take all those glimpses and take that EP version of the offense and turn it into a full-length album.

Here's where we all got it wrong: Hill is a pocket passer who can run. He isn't someone who needs to run to pass. That aspect of his game works, but Hill might have looked better throwing the ball than anyone not named Sean Payton expected. That wasn't the only surprise, though. The offense also looked a little bit different this week, with elements installed that New Orleans hasn't been using very often lately.

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