Breaking down Jameis Winston’s fumbles since 2017 to determine underlying issues and how many were his fault

You might have noticed another large number on Jameis Winston’s stats page.

His interception total from 2019 can get dismissed as an outlier, a number discussed for shock value, even though everyone should agree that bantering about Winston as someone capable of throwing 30 interceptions every season is intellectually dishonest. The quarterback’s last campaign as a starter was eventful in several ways. It almost certainly won’t be replicated since Bruce Arians has an approved patent on excessive first-season interception inflation.

The other number – Winston’s fumbles – is a little more consistent and present. A dozen in 2019, seven in 2018 and 15 the year before that. Is there a significant issue hiding beneath the surface, or was Winston the consistent victim of circumstance and insufficient protection? We evaluated each of his fumbles from the last three seasons to see what’s behind the issue and if there is reason for significant concern.

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