Breaking down Jameis Winston’s 30 interceptions from 2019

Jameis Winston can be an outstanding quarterback.

There have been moments and games throughout his career where he looks the part, the prodigious talent who was once a first-overall draft pick. There have been times when he lived up to the Peyton Manning comparisons he drew coming out of Florida State, and there were probably times when Tampa Bay, at least early on, believed he would be the backbone of the franchise.

But those moments never seemed to last more than a moment, because the bad version of Winston, the one who loses games for his team, always showed up to derail his progress. Some things happened in Tampa Bay last season that were not entirely his fault, but there is a reason no one wants him to start.

To better understand why that is happening, and what led him to New Orleans' doorstep, I decided to watch Winston's worst moments. I know he has ridiculous talent -- everyone does – but he is signing with the Saints because he has significant issues and needs help. I wanted to see those issues for myself and gain an understanding of what Winston might be focusing on during the next year. So, I decided to breakdown all 30 of his interceptions last year to help paint a picture.

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