Podcast: Will Adam Trautman impact how the offense operates?

Adam Trautman is one of the more intriguing additions to the offense. The tight end will open up some aspects of the offense that were shelved last season, but much depends on how quickly he gets up to speed and how his abilities translate to the NFL after playing his college ball at Dayton. On […]

Film study: Comparing Erik McCoy and Cesar Ruiz’s final college seasons

The Saints drafted two of the best center prospects to enter the NFL over the last two seasons. When everything settles as it should, Cesar Ruiz will likely end up playing center, with Erik McCoy moving to right guard. Both men’s talents are best suited at these positions, especially McCoy, who can use his athleticism […]

Podcast: Best, worst, most surprising draft picks, signings in team history

This week’s podcast is centered on a discussion of the best and worst free-agent signings and draft picks of the Sean Payton era. We start out touching on the recent situation involving Drew Brees, and how the team’s leadership has shown up this week, but the conversation is short and we quickly move onto other […]

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