‘You want to be like a quarterback’: Why Saints wide receivers have more to learn than most, and what it takes to understand the offense

LAS VEGAS – Emmanuel Sanders got caught off guard. The wide receiver spent his career playing in complex offenses. Ben Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh, Peyton Manning in Denver. Kyle Shanahan’s offense in San Francisco also has some moving parts. But what the Saints were doing last week was like nothing he had ever seen before. The […]

Some QBs are impatient perfectionists. Drew Brees chooses to take a different approach, and here’s why that matters now more than ever

Jared Cook knows quarterbacks. The Saints tight end has played for five different teams and been thrown a pass by 18 different players. He’s played with multiple Super-Bowl winning quarterbacks, even more Pro Bowlers, and two sure-fire Hall of Famers. All of them come with a unique acclimation process. All good quarterbacks are demanding, especially […]

Saints-Bucs film room: Offense wasn’t great, but the issues are fixable

If you turned on the TV at any point on Monday, you probably heard someone raising significant concerns about the New Orleans offense and Drew Brees’ arm. Some of the analysts seemed to suggest that it was over, that he couldn’t push the ball down the field anymore, that his arm doesn’t have enough to […]

How Saints’ fast-rising secondary spoiled Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay debut

Janoris Jenkins was waiting on the concept. He saw the play repeatedly while studying Tampa Bay’s offense. There it was last season Week 1 against San Francisco. There it was again against the Rams, the Saints, the Steelers, the Seahawks, the Cardinals, the Lions, and on and on it goes. It only takes a couple […]

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