Is Adam Trautman ready to lead at tight end?

The Saints have their tight end of the future in the building.  Or should. Adam Trautman has all the traits. He’s the right size, has the right athleticism to make plays and a willingness to block. He was drafted last year as a raw projection out of Dayton with the understanding that it was going […]

Podcast: How hard should the Saints go after Russell Wilson?

Is Russell Wilson a realistic option? How much should the Saints offer for him? We’ll discuss this and more on this week’s episode of Saints Talk. If you enjoy the podcast, please subscribe to NewOrleans.Football. Your support helps us keep the show going. Subscribe to the podcast Subscribe on Apple Subscribe on Spotify Subscribe on […]

What are the Saints’ options at safety if Marcus Williams tests the market?

There shouldn’t be a more critical issue on defense than finding a way to maintain the strength of the secondary.  Retaining Marcus Williams should be one of the Saints’ top priorities, especially since there isn’t an immediate and obvious replacement already on the roster. Still, it is possible the safety prices out and finds larger […]

How the Saints could trade for Russell Wilson and fit him under the cap

A significant piece could become available and apparently, that piece is interested in being part of the Saints’ puzzle. Russell Wilson’s camp started to let it be known the quarterback might want out of Seattle a few weeks ago, and The Athletic added more credence to that possibility with a report detailing both sides’ frustrations. […]

Podcast: Free agency stay or go predictions

The offseason is still rolling. In this week’s episode of “Saints Talk” we discuss how the offense could change with another quarterback and give our predictions on what we would do with each player facing free agency. If you enjoy the podcast please subscribe to NewOrleans.Football and help us create more content. Subscribe to the […]

How Michael Thomas’ game could change with a different quarterback

Michael Thomas has been the perfect receiver for this offense the last few years.  The Saints have looked to control the ball, eliminate risks and play in the shorter areas of the field. Thomas fit the bill. He dominated at levels the league has never seen before by getting open in these areas and doing […]

Zach Strief is joining Saints coaching staff, will leave broadcast booth

Zach Strief was almost always looking in the same place. While everyone else had their eyes on the quarterbacks, linebackers, or something else, Strief almost always turned his head toward the offensive linemen. Ask him how someone was doing, and he’d have a detailed answer about the player’s technique and how he performed in the […]

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